Evaluate, be aware of and improve your employability

You are looking for a job or you are thinking of changing work… but do you want to know how attractive your profile and competences are for the labour market? Well, you could take the Guide your Talent test to find out.

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Ten key blocks

Search habits, training (academic and supplementary), professional experience, skills (language and technical), entrepreneurial concerns, your responsiveness to the needs of the professional sector, professional objective, professional and salary expectations, attitude and search scope.


48 selected questions

This test consists of selected questions after taking into account various factors and based on my experience in this field. Do not panic. There are many issues to discuss, but I’ve made it easy for you. Most questions have simple “yes” or “no” answers and for the rest, I give several options to choose from.

Save your tests

You can take the test as many times as you wish and you can go at your own pace, complete or in parts, keeping the answered questions for when you return to it. There aren’t good or bad replies; you must answer honestly so it becomes a helpful tool for you.


Test report

At the end of the test, an extensive report will be generated where you will be able to consult either the full version or your selected parts and send it back to your email that will let you identify different points to keep improve in your employability, giving you clues as to what points should be worked on

Completely Free App

This app has the mission of helping you be effective in finding employment. It does not matter whether you are in active search, you will be shortly or you just want a change of job. Nor it matters what your profession or occupation is, level of experience or studies; this application can help anyone.

Search for a different way to do things

This tool will help you identify which aspects that depend on you need improving, so you can find other ways of doing things, showing your experience and reaching companies of your interest. You cannot always blame others. You must step forward and work on improving those things that are in your hand and most times depend on fighting laziness. 

Two languages: Spanish and English

You are seeking employment and language skills may be required. Why do not you challenge yourself and you do this test in Spanish? Select the Spanish language at the beginning of the APP and you can do the same test in that language and get additional specific vocabulary with the help of Guide your Talent. From this point, you can also translate into English a test you did in Spanish or vice versa.

Juan Martínez de Salinas Murillo

Juan Martínez de Salinas Murillo

Communication and Social Networks Coordinator for the INAEM

BA in Law with a master’s degree in Management and Human Resources and another on prevention of occupational risks, specialty Ergonomics. I am currently working as a Communication and Social Networks Coordinator for the Aragonese Employment Institute (INAEM).

At the same time, I am a trainer and consultant in the field of employment, selection, human resources and professional training and guidance for several organizations.

Since September 2014 I am presenting the Employment section in Aragon as part of the program “Escúchate” with Javier Vazquez, every Tuesday from 19:10 to 19:30. The purpose of this section is to bring job seekers, students, recruiters and companies, multitude of heterogeneous tools for professional and productive use that can be found and are available on the Internet.

My previous work experience has been linked to the world of professional training and human resources and held various positions in companies.

I am a steady person and eager to continue learning. I love this world of Human Resources and I keep trying to do my humble bit to help others. Since 2007 I have my own blog in Spanish elblogderrhh.com

Evaluate, be aware of and improve your employability

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It is a user friendly tool that helps you to fully assess the employability process and identify points for improvement.



Sergio Ibáñez Laborda



The generated report gives you essential guidelines to improve your career change process and evaluate your progresses.



Andrés Pérez Ortega



It is a new APP that allows you to carry out a test of employability about your job search process in a quickly and easily way, with very useful information to increase your chances of achieving your objective.



Elena García Pont



You can do this test both in Spanish and English. As well as an employability test, it is an excellent way to practice and strengthen your language skills to practice the specific human resources language.



José Ángel Esteban López